Photograph of rows of Oscars.

Nova Scotia has had many entertainers who have won gold among their many accolades. For example, Michael Donovan won an Oscar as producer of the film Bowling For Columbine; earlier Harold Russell made history for winning two Academy Awards in the same year.

Most recently, Halifax’s Ellen Page received two Academy Award nominations for the film Juno.

Photograph of Nova Scotia actress Ellen Page.

Nova Scotia actress Ellen Page

Photo courtesy of Ninha Morandini

Perhaps best known for its musicians, Nova Scotia was the birthplace of gold (and indeed for some triple platinum) winners such as Sarah McLachlan, Rita MacNeil, The Rankin Family, Caroll Baker and Denny Doherty (of Mamas and Papas fame), as well as Gordie Sampson, Grammy© Award winner for songwriting for 2007 Country Song of the Year, "Jesus Take the Wheel".

Our most famous Nova Scotian

Photograph of Anne Murray

Anne Murray

Photo courtesy of Monic Richard

Arguably the most famous Nova Scotian, Anne Murray, from Springhill, NS, has received more musical awards than almost any other female singer in history. It all began with gold – a Gold record for the hit single Snowbird in 1970. Representing the achievement of more than one million copies sold, it was the first Gold record ever given to a Canadian solo female artist in the United States.

Photograph of Anne Murray’s framed 45 Gold Record for the song Snowbird.

Framed 45 rpm Gold record of Snowbird awarded to Anne Murray by the Recording Industry Association of America, 1970.

Courtesy of the Anne Murray Centre

More awards followed as Anne Murray became an international superstar, including 24 Junos, 4 Grammys©, 3 American Music Awards, 2 Country Music Association Awards, and 3 Canadian Country Music Awards. Her fourth Grammy© was presented in 1983 for A Little Good News. Grammy© Awards are the most prestigious to be awarded in the recording industry. Presented annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, they are a peer honor awarded for artistic or technical achievement rather than sales or chart position.

Photograph of Anne Murray’s Grammy for the song A Little Good News.

Grammy© award for A Little Good News presented to Anne Murray for Best Country Vocal Performance Female, by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, 1983.

Courtesy of the Anne Murray Centre

Can you name the other Anne Murray songs that won Grammys©?