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Here you can explore exactly how gold wiggled its way into Nova Scotia, how it was discovered, and how this alluring metal has influenced the lives of Nova Scotians ever since.

Gold Mining

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Close-up of a black and white photo showing a tributer miner at the Goldenville Gold District.

Discover what sparked gold rush fever in Nova Scotia and how gold mining today differs from the past.

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Gold in Nature

Photograph of a gold pan containing gravel and placer gold.

Dig up the dirt on why gold is so captivating and how it came to exist in Nova Scotia.

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Gold in Society

 Anne Murray’s first gold record for “Snowbird”.

Uncover the reasons we are so fascinated by the glitter and glamour of gold.

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Gold in Art

Close-up of artist Emily Seaboyer’s hands as she polishes a gold ring

Investigate the role artists played in recording our gold rush history and how gold is used in their creations.

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