Explore Through Time

Here you can explore the story of gold in Nova Scotia chronologically, from 500 million years ago to the present.

Geological Past
Black and white photo of quartz veins running underground at the Caribou Gold District.

Dig up the dirt on how gold came to exist in Nova Scotia.

Gold in Nature

Watercolour painting by Frederick Nichols from the 1860s showing one of the stamp mill buildings at Goldenville.

Discover what sparked gold rush fever.

Gold Rushes
Gold in Art
Gold Towns & Ghost Towns

Black and white photo of reporter J. Frank Willis holding a ribbon microphone interviewing Billy Bedeaux.

Learn how a gold mine in Nova Scotia changed broadcasting history.

Moose River Disaster

Present Day
Sidney Crosby holding his 2010 Olympic gold medal for men's ice hockey.

From money to medals, explore what gold is used for today.

Gold Mining Today
Gold in Society